Are you trying to sell products or services online?
Have you found yourself wondering why it seams to work for other people but not for you?
If you have ever felt like this first let me tell you that you are not alone.
I know that felling all to well as just a few years ago I felt the same way.
Then I learned the secret to building a business online...BRANDING!
However trying to do this alone can take you years to figure out. Trust me I know. LOL.
Let me help you cut through the confusion with my new course Brand Building Online Made Easy.
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Hi I'm Carla

For the first 2 years of my business I was just playing with it and was not really working it. At the time I was a teacher and really enjoyed working with kids. Then the economy tanked and because I had 2 years of experience in a field where people had 20 plus years of experience, I was downsized. Yep I had student loans and NO JOB…Just my little home-based business to get me by.

I was a little nervous but at least I had something and I decided I was going to MAKE IT WORK! I gave it a year and with traditional, "feet-in-the-streets" methods for building a business I had replaced my teacher income!

I decided I was never going back to having a boss again.


After 10 years in the business I mastered traditional methods for building a business and decided to learn how to build my business by leveraging the power of online/social media to build faster. Now I teach and mentor others on how to run their business their way.

As of 2016 I do annual sales of over a million dollars every year. As it turns out, being downsized was the miracle I had been looking for all along.

Let me help you find your miracle today!